Information on the standard of allowable load of vibration and noise by floor

Classification Contents Comments
Height 6th floor 4.2m 1st basement level - 6th floor
1st - 5th floor 4.2m (ceiling height 2.8m)
1st basement level 4.5m (ceiling height 2.8m)
Design load 6th floor 15.2 kg/m2(Fan room) Residency not available for companies installing mechanical equipment that exceeds design standard(load) of the building
1st - 5th floor 15.7 kg/m2(Office of development)
1st basement level Basement level is the basic-section
Standard of noise and vibration In accordance with the rules of
[noise-vibration regulation ] Article 7 and
enforcement regulation article 8
Residency not available for companies installing mechanical equipment that is in violation of the [noise-vibration regulation ]
External finish THK24 Low-E multi-layer glass, THK30 Granite finish
Interior finish Floor THK2 roll sheet Office of development
Wall Eco-friendly water-based paint Office of development
Ceiling THK15 nonflammable sound absorbing ceiling material Office of development
Building structure Steel-frame reinforced concrete
Electric power supply Power receiving 900 kw
Generator capacity 300 kw

※ Height(Height per floor): The effective width may vary in accordance with facility, electricity, piping and others during construction

Cost of training management

Dry type - 20,000 won a month/pyeong, Wet type - 22,000 won a month/pyeong

Classification Dry Type Wet Type Comments
Cost of training management Security deposit Cost of training management Security deposit
Type A 36.68 pyeong 733,600 4,401,600 806,960 4,841,760 - dry type : Use only for office space purposes
- wet type : Using drainage system
35.34 pyeong 706,800 4,240,800 777,480 4,664,880
Type B 70.69 pyeong 1,413,800 8,482,800 1,555,180 9,331,080

※ Electricity, water and gas charges are included in the rent.
※ The deposit is six months' worth of rent.(The deposit is refunded excluding unpaid rent)