Research Institute Company Operations

Research Institute Company Operations


Defining research institute company

“Research institute company” refers to having single or joint agent in the establishment as determined by law, and is a company that is established within the special zone through investing greater than 20 percent from the capital in order to directly commercialize the technology of their possession.
(Special zone law 3 from article 9, Enforcement ordinance article 13)

Research institute company requirements

Types of Establishment

Joint Investment start-up Type (Technology investment method of DGIST)
Existing Company Technology Investment Type
New Business start-up Type
Tax Reduction
National Tax Corporate Tax 100% for 3 years, then 50% reduction for the following 2 years
[*Applies from the time of taxable income generation.
However, automatically applied by force, starting 5 years after the establishment]
Income Tax
Local Tax Property Tax 100% for 7 years, then 50% reduction for the following 3 years
Acquisition Tax
Registration Tax
Life-cycle support for the development of research institute company

DGIST Support System

Direct support of DGIST (when entering as a resident company of DGIST Office of University-Industry Cooperation)

Other Information

During technology investment, if the technology valuation amount comes out high, divided investment method will be used, and royalty contract must be signed in addition to the shares

Cooperative innovation, DGIST technology investment(research institute) company

협업적 혁신, DGIST 기술출자(연구소)기업

Current status of the technology investment(research institute) company

기술출자(연구소)기업 현황

DGIST technology investment companies

DGIST 기술출자기업