Establishment Objectives

Establishment Objectives

Goal & Vision

Develop into a global hidden champion that can lead the Korean economy

미래융복합 기술창출로 내 외부 고객의 성공스토리를 만드는 산학협력단

자체 성장 동력 확보 및 내부고객 경쟁력 향상

Operational policy

  1. 01

    Reinforcement of capability for the creation of growth engine

    • Propose leading measures for local economy revitalization, and discover various projects to promote new business start-up education, company support and industry.
    • Discover, plan and operate external consignment projects for operation of the Office of University-Industry Cooperation and provide education to resident companies.
  2. 02

    Field-oriented practical connection of industry-university-research institute

    • Establish strategical cooperation and convergence system with support organizations for companies of each industry and function within the region, and revitalize goal-oriented exchange.
    • Based on practical connection of fields of industry-university-research institute, establish ecosystem of the hidden champions, improve customer satisfaction, and obtain practical examples of success.
  3. 03

    Scientification and systematization of research project and research outcome management and revitalization of technology commercialization

    • Improve research project and research outcome related processes and establish and revise related rules.
    • Scientifically and systematically manage research project and research outcome, and perform the role as an agent of knowledge between local, industry, company and organization.
    • Contribute to promotion of local industry and creation of new growth engine through the distribution of research outcome including technology transfer and others, and improve commercialization through the technology intellectual property rights and technology commercialization possessed by our institute.

Operational Strategy


Operating System and Operating Skill

운영시스템 및 운영스킬

Operating system of the Office of University-Industry operations

산학협력관 운영시스템