The center of industry-university-R&D institute creating global hidden champions

In working towards a great vision of becoming the ‘world’s top convergence university’ during the past 10 years, we have successfully established innovative nondepartmental unitary college and 6 graduate school convergence majors and generated remarkable research outputs. In addition, we continue to pursue international level research supremacy through cooperation between the university and research institute that leads to application and commercialization research of convergence research institute from the basic fundamental research of the undergraduate and graduate school.

Based on such solid foundation, DGIST works in close cooperation with local industries, in order to promote global hidden champions that produce high added-value products possessing technological competitiveness, We are revitalizing the market-oriented research that systematically reflects the on-site demands of the businesses, and we are also striving towards expansion of R&D outcome through commercialization of technology.

In particular, DGIST Office of University-Industry Cooperation provides bottleneck technology support to companies through transfer of possessed technology, and works hard to promote cutting edge new industry through establishing technology investment(research institute) companies. Furthermore, we are performing various university-industrial activities including technology commercialization education, family company system operations, supporting promotion of start-up businesses in their early stages and others to expand the entrepreneurial spirit and culture of new business start-up.

Through the cooperative innovation of industry-university-R&D institute, we at DGIST Office of University-Industry Cooperation will graft cutting edge technology to existing industries to maximize the added-values of companies, and will provide active support to small and medium-sized companies with exceptional ideas and technical skills to assist in developing into hidden champions, in contributing to the local and national economic revitalization.

Thank you.

President of DGIST