Family company operation business

Family company operation business

What is a family company?

Cooperative program by industry-university-R&D institute, providing actual assistance to applicable companies by forming a business group which can perform the industry-university-R&D institute cooperative program including providing technology guidance and utilization of shared equipments among others, to companies located in the vicinity of the industrial complex, in utilizing the research and development facilities of the university and the outstanding human resource to the maximum.


Family company benefits

가족회사 혜택

Family company operations

Operates under two classifications including family company(free member) composed of local companies, related organizations and etc. and family company(paid member) composed of joint research, technology commercialization, companies that paid development fund and etc.

Family company operations
Classification Family company(free member) Family company(paid member)
Region Small and medium-sized companies in the Daegu, Gyeongbuk region Companies in actual relation of exchange with DGIST(membership is available regardless of the region)
Membership fee None Annual fee of 1 million won or contribution to DGIST
Provided benefits Refer to the provided benefits for the DGIST family company