Personal Information Collection possession Agreement

1. Purpose of use and collecting personal information : DGIST collect the minimum amount of personal information to process the reported contents and to confirm the results and confirm the facts.
2. Items of personal information collection : name, e-mail address, cellular phone number
3. Period of maintenance and use of collected personal information : Collected personal information is retained for 5 years.
4. Refusal right and disadvantages of refusal : DGIST only use personal information within the purpose below, if the purpose of usage is changed, it will be handling with the agreement.

(Required) Do you agree to collect and use personal information for DGIST Office of University-Industry Cooperation?
* The applicant has the right to refuse the collection and use of personal information. The applicant may refuse to provide his or her basic identifying information such as name, e-mail address, cellular phone number, etc. However, he or she may have the disadvantage of not receiving a notice from DGIST or may even not be considered for reviewing.

※ All items are required and the attachment must be registered to complete the application.

Company Name Representative name
Company Registration Number Established Year
Company Contact - - Company E-mail
Company Web Site
Sectors Main Item
Company Type
Whether the company has a Research Institute
Whether the company has a Research Department
Field of Industry-University Cooperation
Area to apply for residence
The number of people to apply for residence
When you want to residence Duration of stay (Months)
Required Documents

* Attach the required documents as one compressed file.

Manager Name
Department Title
Contact Email