Organization chart and members

Organization chart and members


Members of the organization, leading the DGIST Office of University-Industry Cooperation


Responsibilities & Duties

Group Position Name Main Tasks Contact Telephone E-mail
Office of University-Industry Cooperation Associate Vice President for University-Industry Cooperation Han Sang Ceol General management 1900
Hyun Tchang Hee 1912
Center for Technology Commercialization Director Lee Seung Su General management 1980
- Tech Startup Promotion Team Head Lee Seung Su 1980
Kang Dae Chun Industrial-Academic Cooperation Planning, Research Institute Enterprise Support 1987
Bae Jin Young Support for employee and student start-up 1986
Bae Ha Nui Management of tenant companies and family companies 1917
Lee Jae Young Support to Start-up Acceleration Project 1981
Kim Geun I Support to Start-up Acceleration Project 1988
- Technology Commercialization Team Head Won Dong Sik General management 1913
Kim Ki Bok Licensing and management of intellectual properties(IT) 1983
Park Gil Je Management of Technology Transfer 1916
Park Ji Young Administrative support 1985
- Center for Technology Startup Deucation Director Lee Dong Ha General management 5001
Lee Jong Hun Lecturing the "Venture management & R&D management" 4580
Jung Woo Young Lecturing the "Design Thinking & High Technology" 4400
Yun Jin Hyo Lecturing the "Industrial Policy & Technology Marketing" 4410
Kim Woo Hyun Managing and Planning to the BSP(Biseul Bally Start-up Program) 6701
Oh Chung Yoon Supporting Students Education Programs and Managing spaces 6702
Kim Heung Hee Planning to TVA Educatoing Programs and Managing TVA professors 5006
Ji Eun Young Managing Educational Affairs and the "Technial Venture Leader Trainning Project" 5008